New Siding Changes Everything

New Siding Changes Everything

If you own property near the water you know they can take a beating. The combination of salt air and wind can prematurely age your home or business, resulting in a tired and worn out appearance.  The effects of which can also result in damage to the structure of your property, if not addressed in a timely manner.

This home, just steps from Cape Cod Bay, was starting to show the effects of it’s prime sea-side location. Curling and lifting shingles, peeling paint, and rotting trim boards were all in need of a little TLC.

Front Siding before

Side of house before

Opposite side before

Rear of house before
















With a quick call to Ryan Construction, the homeowner worked closely with our crew to not only improve the curbside appeal of the home, but also protect it from the elements, with just a few simple changes.

Front siding during

Side of house during

Rear of house during










The result: A newly improved, clean and fresh facelift – just in time for the harsh winter months that lie ahead.

Front siding after

Side of house after

Opposite side after

Rear of house after